Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer James Sullivan Because Experience Matters

Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys 

Houston Criminal Lawyers James Sullivan and Associates have over 45 combined years of defense experience.  James Sullivan has tried numerous felony cases to trial in criminal and juvenile court.  He has had many cases dismissed on the day of trial.  Attorneys James Sullivan and Associates have represented over 4,000 clients in criminal and juvenile court.

Other attorneys may be loaded down with books of information; but, how much real criminal defense experience do they really have?
  • Experience matters.
  • Do not go to court alone.
  • Do not be intimidated.

Houston Criminal Lawyer James Sullivan cares for his clients and is appreciative of those who were thoughtful and took the time to send him a note of gratitude.

Call experienced attorneys right now.  You can call James Sullivan and Associates at (281) 546-6428.

Houston Criminal Attorney James Sullivan is also Board Certified in Juvenile Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Juvenile Law is different than criminal law. Note: Among the more than 83,000 active lawyers in Texas, there are only 38 lawyers Board Certified in Juvenile Law in private practice.  The other 27 such lawyers work for the government.

All true learning is experience; everything else is information. ~Albert Einstein, American physicist, 20th century.